波士顿大学学院 is an academically rigorous independent day school located on the 波士顿大学 campus. bbin娱乐平台the only high school in New England that is part of a major research university, offering a distinctive curriculum to students in grades nine through twelve. 波士顿大学学院 provides students with an unparalleled college preparatory program that combines liberal arts coursework with classes at 波士顿大学. At bbin娱乐平台, students’ zeal for learning takes them as far as they are capable. Small class sizes and close relationships with faculty allow students to pursue their passions and nurture their talents.

In eleventh and twelfth grade, students regularly complete up to 12 courses (equivalent to approximately 48 college credits) from the University’s undergraduate curriculum. 波士顿大学学院 students in good academic and disciplinary standing gain automatic admission to 波士顿大学.



波士顿大学学院 was founded in 1993 by former President of 波士顿大学 Dr. John Silber and the University Board of Trustees. Following the graduation of a single student in 1995, the inaugural class of eight students graduated in 1996. 1998年秋天, bbin娱乐平台 opened its doors to 11 ambitious eighth graders, expanding its academic program to younger students. 然而, after seven years of serving students in grades 8 through 12, bbin娱乐平台 decided in 2005 to discontinue the middle school program and to focus on what it does best – provide an intellectually invigorating classroom experience for students at the high school level who are ready for college-level work. 波士顿大学学院’s enrollment has grown from about 150 students in 2004 to our current enrollment of 234 students, with 4-5 class sections per grade.


明亮的, curious students will find a community of like-minded peers unabashedly pursuing their intellectual interests within a small, close-knit, and vibrant high school.


波士顿大学学院 is an academically challenging independent day school located on the campus of a major urban research university. A distinctive curriculum that combines liberal arts coursework with classes at 波士顿大学 forms the core of the bbin娱乐平台 student’s educational experience.



245 全部的学生

12 平均班级人数

10:1 学生与教师比例


33% 就读公立学校

61% 就读独立学校

5% 曾就读于教会学校

53% students of color (self-reported)

37% multilingual households (represents 30 languages)


21 教职工总数

10 faculty members with a Doctorate degree

11 faculty members with a Masters degree


37% 被认可为2024届毕业生

6 决赛

6 进入半决赛

20 表扬学生

1 student in the National Hispanic Recognition Program

To receive a National Merit Commendation, a student must score in the top 2% of test takers nationwide. National Hispanic Recognition Scholars score in the top 2.5% on the PSAT/NMSQT among all Hispanic and Latino test-takers in their region


$55,234 Tuition and fees for 2023-2024

30% students receiving financial assistance 

$39,679 Average need-based financial aid grant


20 Classrooms in the bbin娱乐平台 building

2 state-of-the-art science labs at bbin娱乐平台

5.400万以上 volumes available to bbin娱乐平台 student’s at BU’s Mugar Library

+ access to BU facilities such as the George Sherman Union, FitRec, Nickerson领域, BU Boathouse and Sailing Pavilion, the Robotics Lab in the Engineering Building, 影院, 音乐厅, 和更多的!



In our caring high-school community, students who love learning are challenged to think critically and read deeply, and to explore adventurously the wider world of learning at 波士顿大学.



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